Synergy Computer Solutions provides consulting services in all of Southern California. Let our experts guide you through your next project using their experience to avoid the common pitfalls associated with blindly trying to go it alone.

Managed Services

Do you wish your company had a dedicated IT Staff? Are you looking to gain control of skyrocketing costs for your technology? A proactive approach to maintaining your technology instead of a reactive approach may be just what you need.


With over a decade of experience building networks, our staff can help you map out exactly what your business needs. Microsoft servers are our specialty, but we are also well versed in Linux. We can provide any solution to meet your needs.


Is anybody maintaining your current network? We find that a lot of times this isn’t being done. Frequently nobody thinks about this until after it is too late. Not actively maintaining your equipment is the number one reason that systems fail.


Do you have a backup? Are you confident it was successful? Are you confident that all of your drives on your server are healthy? Our Monitoring Services frequently catch issues like this before they are problems. This service is the single biggest thing you can do to reduce downtime or limit data loss.

Managed Antivirus

Our fully managed Antivirus solution will alert us instantly of any infections. We can trigger a removal without having to connect to your system. This means a faster response time and no downtime for the user.